Ancient grape vines

After a long lasting research, we finally created, in 2008, the first organic wine- which improves over time- with the process of natural winemaking, without adding sulfates, as it is based on Ancient Hellenic (Greek) patterns.

Helession is comprised by a group of people that, primarily love human and nature. It Is our goal to rescue, preserve and spread our Nutritional Heritage, to continue Life, to preserve the Environment and Biodiversity.

The creation of Helession led the first important step for the gradually increasing production of “living wines”, which consist of a gift of health to the human organism, and an achieved goal for Helession.

Based on the copyrighted pattern of Helession, every wine lover can taste his wine as light or sweet as he wishes.

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100% Grape

Helession’s News

Ten years οf ancient Greek vinification by Helession

The first ten years are difficult. Then, the difficulties continue, but if you’re still alive … it means you have a springboard, knowledge, courage and all the precious things you need to achieve a decent goal and keep going.

At the Environment and Nutrition Organization Helession, we aim to Rescue, Preserve and Spread our Nutritional Heritage, to continue Life, to Preserve the Environment and Biodiversity... Continue reading

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